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IPL Machine


The IPL machine is guided by strong light preheating, which increases the effect on deep tissues through bipolar radio frequency.The selective absorption of light energy by the skin causes the difference between the target tissue and the normal skin impedance and strengthens the target when the light energy intensity is low.
The absorption of radio frequency by the tissue eliminates the side reactions greatly that may be caused by the excessive heat effect of cotton,improves the comfort of customers and provides a comprehensive solution to the symptoms.
There is efficient and comfortable large-area spot treatment, high working efficiency, fast speed, remarkable effect,which can meet the health pursuit of modern people.
 The safe and non-invasive E light eliminates the hidden safety hazards of side effects fundamentally during traditional IPL treatment, which eliminates the discomfort of customers greatly during treatment.
 The touch screen display of IPL machine is simple.It is easy to use. It can be understood at a glance. It can talk to people directly. 
 The high cost performance is an important stage for the development of technology and beauty. It provides comprehensive solutions for beauty institutions and is becoming an indispensable product for beauty institutions and cosmetic plastic institutions.


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