Car key Cover

With the improvement of the anti-theft system, the locks on the market have received a technological leap, and the anti-theft measures for vehicles have been changed to remote control keys.
The car key consists of a chip, a remote control and a metal head.Compared with the traditional mechanical key, this kind of anti-theft system that serves the intelligent system is more secure, so the main problem of the car is transferred from the vehicle to the key. This is because car keys are often broken and other accidents happen.
So, more and more people consider the importance of key theft prevention while buying a car.
Put a shell on the car key. The design of the protective shell protects both physical damage and digital theft of car keys.
At the same time, it is light and easy to carry, almost the same size as the car key, which is convenient for users to carry around.
The key does not fall out. There is also a place for hanging keys behind the shielding cover.
There is compact design of the shielded cover, the cover design also accepts various customizations.
So, choose a suitable key cover for your keys, which is both beautiful and practical.

Post time: Jul-29-2020

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