How to choose die casting mold ?

The selection of die-casting molds, in addition to the temperature of the casting metal and the type of casting metal, we also consider the impact and wear of the casting metal on the parts of the die-casting mold.
The higher the temperature, the higher the thermal fatigue performance and high temperature performance of the material. The parts with more severe wear should have higher hardness.
The increasingly harsh working conditions of die-casting molds have improved the metallurgical quality, performance and life of mold materials continuously.In particular, the purity and isotropy of materials are higher, and some high-alloy, high-quality, optimized mold materials continue to appear, which also promotes the development of the die-casting industry.
Die casting is a high-efficiency, less-cutting metal forming precision casting method that has developed rapidly in modern metal pressure processing technology.
It has been used widely in various industries, except for automobiles and motorcycles, instruments, industrial appliances.It also used widely in household appliances,agricultural machinery, radio, communications, machine tools,transportation,shipbuilding,cameras,watches,computers,textile equipment and so on.
The mold material is used as the main body of the design and heat treatment of the bearing mold and the main object of manufacturing. It not only plays an important role in the mold industry, but also plays a leading role in the difficulty of the mold manufacturing process, the proper mold heat treatment process and the longevity of the mold life.

Post time: Jul-20-2020

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