Plastic Power Bank

The composition of the power bank is very simple.It consists of the shell, the battery core and the circuit board.They are indispensable. The most common contact with users is the casing.
Because the shell makes the first impression of the entire product.The casing also can protect the battery cells and the circuit board from being damaged during daily use.
At present, the shell used in mobile power products can be divided into metal and non-metal basically. The non-metallic shells are made of ABS and PC plastic materials.They have low ignition point and high temperature resistance.
Even if the internal temperature of the mobile power bank is high for a long time, the shell is not prone to melting and burning, which is very helpful for daily use.
The plastic case is lighter and more portable. The plastic shell can prevent sweat and corrosion. The coating on the outer surface of the metal shell may rust and oxidize after being worn away,which will affect the overall appearance.
However, in terms of sturdiness, the metal shell is undoubtedly better. When it is subjected to external forces,the metal shell is more stable,such as dropping, crushing and squeezing.

Post time: Jun-23-2020

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