Power Bank Parts

Nowadays, more and more users are relying on mobile power products, which allows the small accessory product to develop rapidly.
Many small parts and products are welded on the PCB board of the power bank. They can only turn a normal rechargeable battery into a mobile power supply product that can power other electronic devices.
The power bank is mainly composed of batteries, circuit and shell.
There are two types of batteries for mobile power supplies, one is ordinary lithium batteries.The other is polymer batteries. There is different between them in terms of material composition and shapes.
The circuit of the power bank is mainly the power management part, which has three parts including charging management,boost management,power detection and display.
The PCBA protection board mainly plays the role of boost, buck, constant current and constant voltage, so when we choose materials, we should pay attention to the quality of the PCBA board and the electronic parameter values.
The material of the housing of the power bank is also very different including plastic, metal and other materials.

Post time: Jun-17-2020

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