Precautions for die casting mold

Special attention should be paid to the parts with stress concentration and large abrasion in the mold design. The accuracy of each optional part needs to be reasonable.
The large gap will result in poor thermal conductivity and thermal fatigue damage. The small gap will produce squeezing force and tensile stress. In the mold manufacturing process, internal stress is generated easily.The internal stress has a great influence on the service life of the mold.
In the process of manufacturing and processing molds, internal stress should be avoided and eliminated in time. For example, stress relief and tempering should be carried out in time after rough machining, and electric pulses should be used instead of sparks to reduce the surface tension of the mold.
We must pay special attention to the temperature control of the mold, preheat the mold before production, maintain an appropriate temperature range during production, and prevent surface cracks or even cracks caused by excessive temperature gradients inside and outside the cavity.
The high-quality die-casting mold release agent is selected. The thickness is moderate,and the thickness is uniform to coat the mold surface, which plays an important role in protecting mold materials.
Finally, in order to reduce the accumulation of thermal stress and avoid die-casting die cracking, techniques should be used regularly to eliminate thermal stress such as tempering.

Post time: Jul-23-2020

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