Now electronic products are more and more diversified, and the appearance of thin and light is the current development trend of electronic products.
The radiator includes plastic radiator, copper radiator, aluminum profile radiator, graphite radiator,etc.
The common plastic radiators are made of plastic filled with certain metal oxide powder, carbon powder, fiber and ceramic powder to improve its thermal conductivity.The quality of this plastic radiator is extremely light and the plasticity of the appearance is strong, which is in line with the needs of electronic products.
The heat dissipation capacity of the copper radiator can be regarded as excellent. It often absorbs heat quickly and dissipates heat quickly. The heat dissipation capacity and corrosion resistance are stronger than aluminum materials.
Although the heat dissipation performance of aluminum profile is not as good as copper, the heat dissipation coefficient can meet the heat dissipation requirements of electronic products. In addition,it is light ,easy processing, beautiful appearance and affordable price.
Graphite is a new type of thermally conductive heat dissipation material. Although it is mainly made of a single carbon element,it has thermal conductivity compared to metal materials.Compared with copper and aluminum, graphite is lighter and more stable.
The price of graphite materials is expensive.Therefore, the cost of using graphite radiators is very expensive, and the application is not very extensive.

Post time: Jun-29-2020

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