The production steps of hardware mold

Make a feasibility report on the mold of the product designed by the scheme, and perform assembly analysis on the application of each metal stamping part drawing to ensure that the drawing of each product is properly ignorant before the design of the mold scheme. On the other hand, you can grasp the specific parts of each component in all main computer boxes.
Analyze the product, arrange the process of the product processing process, establish the content of each process to be produced, and perform the actual mold layout on the mobile app. Then carry out detailed work. If the step is carried out well. it will save a lot of time in the drawing mold diagram. After the content of the stamping mold for each construction project is established, it is included in the forming mold, and the thickness of the product is stored inside and outside to establish the specifications and models of the convex and concave molds.
Then,it is material preparation, according to the product development drawing, prepare the material, establish the template size in the drawing, including the fixed plates, loading plates, convex and concave molds, inserts, etc.
After the material preparation is carried out, you can enter the drawing of the mold drawing in multiple directions, and make another copy in the material preparation drawing to perform the drawing of each component, such as adding screw holes, positioning pin holes and precise positioning holes. All kinds of holes in the automatic punching machine mold need to be line-cut wire holes. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to each process in the entire process of drawing the mold diagram.
Review the mold drawings, group all parts into towers, make different coatings for each different mold plate, and use the same specifications such as positioning pin holes until the mold assembly analysis is carried out, and the products of each process are expanded. Set it on the tower drawing to ensure that the hole positions of the templates are consistent and whether the upper and lower mold transitions of the sheet metal bending positions are appropriate.

Post time: Jul-25-2020

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